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14th-Apr-2011 12:03 am - 50 icons + 9 banners of roses!
This post originally started as a few icons for just myself, but then I got carried away. So...the result is this post XD
I really really am very proud of these and I adore them. I'm going to leave this one open for quite some time because of that.

[50] Rose Icons
[9] Banners


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Flower - very soft rose
10 "Keep Calm & Give Me" Wallpapers


Liverpool FC
Chelsea FC
Arsenal FC
Manchester United
Newcastle FC
Tottenham Hotspur
Manchester City
Spain NT
Atletico Madrid
FC Barcelona

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Keep Calm - Visca Barca
27th-Jan-2011 06:37 pm - DW: Rose Manip
This is just a little manip that I made last night. It's just a little thing, nothing huge. :) It's my first DW manip so please be kind.

Cut because it's not entirely SFW.


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DW - 9 - no plan no problem
31st-Dec-2010 12:12 am - 10 Wallpapers for footballverse.
10 Football Wallpapers by tempered_rose.

All are 1366 x 768.


- Steven Gerrard
- Ryan Giggs
- Michael Owen
- Carlos Bocanegra
- Robbie Keane
- Joe Cole
- Pep Guardiola
- Xavi
- John Terry
- David Beckham

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Flower - very soft rose
7th-Dec-2010 09:50 pm - Barca Wallpaper.
[1] Barcelona Wallpaper in 3 sizes.
I LOVE this one.
Comments are beyond love :D

Flower - very soft rose
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